Baby Monitors on Sale at 15% off

Baby Monitors on Sale at 15% off

Be alerted to your baby’s cry with a baby monitor from Harris
Communications. All baby monitors are now on sale for 15% off!

Find monitors that notify you by sound, vibration or light from Graco®,
Clarity®, Sonic Alert and others. Buy a standalone device or a monitor that
is part of a complete notification system.

Products include: The Graco® imonitor Vibrating Baby Monitor (HC-IMONITOR),
a standalone device with exclusive Vibe Technology and 100%
interference-free digital technology. Regularly $59.95, now only $50.96!

The Sonic Alert BC400 Baby Cry Signaler/Transmitter (SA-BC400), a
transmitter that sends a signal to any Sonic Alert receiver when your baby
starts crying. Regularly $43.95, now only $37.36.

To see our complete selection of baby monitors, go to

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