Back-to-School Savings at Harris Communications

Back-to-School Savings at Harris Communications

Shop for Back-to-School at Harris Communications and receive 15% discounts
on all our alarm clocks, watches, and door knockers.*

—Save $7.04 on the Sonic Boom “The Skull” Alarm Clock (SA-SBS550BC).

—Save $26.99 on the Krown KA100 Dual Alarm Clock w/Door Knock Signaler &
Bed Vibrator (KM-KA1000DB).

—Save $16.49 on the Sonic Alert DB200 Deluxe Wireless Doorbell, Telephone
Signaler/Transmitter (SA-DB200).

—Save $10.49 on the Vibralite 3 Vibrating Watch (GAD-VW3).

We have a large selection of products to choose from. Hurry, to take
advantage of these great savings.

* Offer ends August 19, 2010.

To see the complete selection of sale items, go to or contact us at: [email protected].

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