Your Input is Needed and Requested: National Dialogue on Preparedness Website is Now Open

Your Input is Needed and Requested: National Dialogue on Preparedness
Website is Now Open

Dear Disability Professional in Texas,

For the past few months, I’ve served on the FEMA Local, State, Tribal, and
Federal Preparedness Task Force related to the development of policy and
practices for emergency management across the country. The Task Force is
charged with the development of policy across the life cycle of emergency
preparedness which will be consolidated into a report which will go to
Congress at the end of September. As part of that process, we have
developed a National Dialogue on Preparedness Website to solicit input from
stakeholders across the country. Please take a few minutes and submit any
ideas and promising practices to the site by August 31. After doing that,
distribute widely to others in your community for their input.

About the Website:

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched the National Dialogue on
Preparedness Website! Please let your colleagues, employees, and
constituents know that they can provide their input at between now and August 31, 2010.

As you know, we envision using the National Dialogue on Preparedness as the
primary means of incorporating external stakeholder input and ideas into
Preparedness Task Force deliberations. This easy to navigate website will
allow users to propose ideas, vote on popular recommendations, and tag
discussion topics. The National Dialogue on Preparedness Website is an
online collaboration tool that we have customized to focus on the issues
working groups are currently exploring as well as general preparedness

Engaging all levels of government, private sector organizations,
nongovernmental and volunteer organizations, and members of the public in
this way will help the Task Force incorporate voices from a wider cross
section of the preparedness community. Our goal is to identify similarities
and differences on how various external entities view preparedness issues
and to interpret their ideas into practical and meaningful input for the
final report to Congress.

Please pass along this link to anyone
who has a stake in preparing our communities and Nation. We welcome all
ideas and recommendations.

Angela English, LPC, LMFT
Executive Director

Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities
512-463-5742 or Relay Option of your Choice
Email: [email protected]


ADA listserve:

Citizen Survey for 82nd Legislative Session:

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