What’s New at Harris Communications?

What’s New at Harris Communications?

Harris Communications has added many new products to their website including
alarm clocks, signaling systems, books, DVDs and novelties. Check our
website frequently for the latest products available for deaf and hard of
hearing people.

So, what’s new?

“Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy”, (DVD353), a DVD based on the award-winning
children’s book of the same name. Includes visual presentation of the book
and sign language interpretation.

“Little Deaf Spies”, (DVD360), a heartwarming film presented in American
Sign Language. It was created, written and produced by students at the Texas
School of the Deaf.

TCL 200 Amplicom Alarm Clock with Wireless Bed Shaker (HC-TCL200), one of
the first amplified clocks to come with a wireless bed shaker.

To find out about all our new products, go to
http://bit.ly/harriscomm_dn092610 or contact us at:
mailto:[email protected].

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