Talk Show for ASL Community


Bringing talk radio to the American Sign Language community and educating
the Hearing World

Wednesday Nights 8-9pm EST


“My goal is to offer the deaf community insight and connection to the
hearing world in all media forms, and vice versa. Talk radio is an extension
of my continued efforts to connect to the hearing, ASL and Coda (children of
deaf adults) communities in shared experiences, education and
entertainment.” – Keith Wann

Popular stand-up comedian, actor, producer and deaf needs advocate Keith
Wann, is delivering the first live talk radio show to the American Sign
Language community. Wann’s weekly show, titled That Keith Wann Show–
Cultural Bridges, launched on August 4th to rave reviews, and can be heard
every Wednesday from 8:00-9:00 pm EST, on the Toginet talk radio network.

Guest interviews will focus on listener issues, from the perspective of ASL
and Coda entertainers, teachers, interpreters, industry professionals,
students and more. Each interview will offer deeper context to the personal
and professional efforts the deaf and Coda communities are making in
connecting with the hearing world. Interviews requiring an interpreter will
be featured periodically. All guest interviews will roll live stream
captioning on Toginet and be interpreted soon after the show in sign
language video.

This show is about building cultural bridges that enhance understanding and
establish trust between communities. Every week Keith Wann will have guests
share their experiences, expertise, opinions, and personal lives with us, to
hopefully help us better understand others.

The topics and guests will come from the American Sign Language (ASL)
Community Including the Deaf, or outside guests who can share information
that may help us by bringing more awareness that can benefit us. Listen with
an open mind and willingness to learn and help us with our cultural bridge!
Download previous podcast now

Notable Previous Guest
Cheryl Moose (President of RID)
Peter Cook (Deaf Performer)
Alan Champion (Broadway Interpreter)
Windell “Wink” Smith Jr (Coda Performer)

Radio for the Deaf?
Yes! By using live streaming captions during the show and with an ASL
version published soon after, talk radio is now accessible to the Deaf and
Hard-of-Hearing Community. For Live Captions During the Show Go To:

ASL Version of the Show!

ASL Students!

Wann views his upcoming show as a potential study tool for ASL teachers and
students. “It is imperative that ASL students, new and veteran interpreters,
and professors in diverse fields of the ASL industry, understand this show
as a valuable resource to reference. Talk radio is yet another outlet that
will help put a voice on their profession.” Cultural Bridges will offer an
educational platform for host and listener to share life experiences,
inspirational stories, and industry expertise.

For more information about Keith Wann please visit

Windell “Wink” Smith Jr

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