Obituary: Frances White

Obituary: Frances White

To our dear friends and family,

Mom passed away this morning at 9:20A. She went peacefully here at home. I
will be making arrangements in the next few days. Tentative plans are to
have a service in Austin, Texas some time in March when it is warmer.

Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support in this difficult time.

Please share this information with the Austin deaf community and Gallaudet
community if you can as I do not have many email addresses and no video

Vicki (daughter of Ralph & Frances White)


Death News of Ralph White’s wife Frances

My heart goes out to Frances White’s daughter and family. She will be truly
missed! More details will be posted later.

In addition to it, Frances passed away at 9:30 AM (January 26, 2011) due to
emphysema. She was 93 years old. She was the wife of Ralph White who used to
teach at Georgia School for the Deaf in 1940’s.

Submitted by
Jeannette Lorch
Email: [email protected]

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