Expressions of Emmanuel DVDs in ASL!

DVDs in American Sign Language!

We are Expressions of Emmanuel and would like to tell you about the DVDs we
have filmed. These DVDs are in American Sign Language with voice-overs.
You can see the covers of the DVDs, a full description of each DVD, and
ordering information, as well as other information about our ministry, at

Below, you will find our current DVD titles and a short description of each

ABC Soup: Basics from the Bible
Ten Bible devotionals – From Philadelphia to Colorado to Hawaii, Vonda takes
us across the country to open our eyes to parables and stories from the

Animal Crackers
Have you ever looked in a box of animal crackers and asked, “What animal is
that? Is that a lion or a tiger?” You weren’t sure. But God knows every
animal. God knows every person. God knows your name! Watch these 12 Bible
lessons and one song and learn that God loves you so much.

Finger Food Cafe: Grand Opening
Through a whirlwind of comedy, songs, and Biblical encouragement, the whole
family will enjoy the exciting events at the Finger Food Cafe. This video
is presented in sign language, voice, and open English cations featuring
drama, meaningful songs, and the world’s first animatronic signing puppet.

Finger Food Cafe: A Christmas Gift
It’s Christmastime at the Finger Food Cafe! This outstanding program
features several excellent songs that are based on American Sign Language
lyrics. The story of the birth of Jesus is also portrayed in a unique
shadow drama, reminding viewers of the greatest Christmas gift.

The Focus of My Heart, Jesus
These 11 American Sign Language songs are a reminder that only Jesus can
satisfy the cry of our hearts. There is joy and peace when we worship and
praise Him. So enjoy worshipping and praising the Lord.

Get ready, folks! Kids 4-7 years old will enjoy this exciting children’s
video. This wonderful program combine live signers with colorful, animated
backgrounds that capture the interest of young deaf and hearing children

Kingdom of the Son: A Safari of Prayer
Gospel Light has given us the right to put 11 of their songs to video.
Gorpel Light is known for great kid songs for VBS programs and that same fun
is on this DVD as kids sign along with Vonda.

One Step: Belonging to Jesus
Enjoy these 11 Christian country songs, performed by Branded Duo, and
videotaped with no fancy two-stepping footwork, but with simple ASL to
encourage hearts to take one step at a time with Jesus.

We hope you are blessed by these DVDs and look forward to hearing from you!

God bless!

Steve and Vonda Hamilton
Expressions of Emmanuel

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