3Story Evangelism Workshop – Austin

3Story Evangelism Training

Saturday, November 12, 2011 – 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Jesus Lutheran Church of the Deaf
1307 Newton Street
Austin, Texas 78704

FREE – but donations are accepted.

Lunch included – Please let us know if you’re coming so we can have enough
lunch for everyone.

Everyone has a story but not every can tell it clearly:

* Where did you come from?
* Who have you become?
* What are your priorities in life?
* How are you going to impact the world?

So what is your story? The very essence of knowing who you are can be a huge
testimony for those who see your faith. Is your identity truly in Christ?

Live out your story daily. As Christians, we say we are set apart because of
our faith, yet statistics on divorce or alcoholism proves otherwise. If we
claim to be Christians, why is Biblical literacy so low yet we can tell you
about every prime time show on our favorite channels. Our story needs to be
defined for ourselves and lived out consistently. This does not put a label
on us because our story is ever changing, but we need to be clear who we are
and what we stand for.

As we come to understand our story, we will come across some of the
struggles in our lives. We are molded by what we have done and experienced,
the good, bad, and ugly. It makes us who we are today. The sins of our past
that led us to a point of rock bottom and at the foot of the Cross give us a
testimony to those that might currently be headed to their own rock bottom.
Yet, for those of us that have entered into a relationship with Christ, we
are not defined by the sins and mistakes of our past but by the hope that we
have in our Lord and Redeemer. With this faith, our story has a new chapter
that is still being written, but we know the ending that ends in glory.

So what is your story and how will you share it with others?

Questions? Comments?

Please respond to [email protected]

Pastor Mark Seeger

** It is open to anyone who wants to come, but it won’t be voiced unless one
of the interpreters who attends wants to voice it. **

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