Deaf Seniors of America 2013 Conference

DSA 2013 Conference Dates Changed


The 2013 Baltimore Conference Management Team (CMT) is announcing a change
in dates from August 28 – September 3, 2013 to August 22 – 27, 2013 for the
DSA 2013 Conference. Lance Fischer, conference chair, states that the new
conference dates will prevent a time conflict with the Grand Prix auto races
in Baltimore.

During a meeting with the management staff of the Baltimore Hilton Hotel,
the CMT members were offered these new dates because the hotel wanted to be
able to host prospective attendees of the Baltimore’s Grand Prix auto races
during the Labor Day weekend, which had been originally reserved for the DSA
conference. The hotel would then be able to return to its room rates for
Grand Prix fans. (The rates for the 2011 Grand Prix weekend ranged from
$300 to $400 per night.)

The CMT members chose the week of August 22-27 that they knew would be most
attractive to DSA members, not only for the reasons above, but that the
hotel offered incentives. The most important incentive is a reduction of
room rates by $10 per room per night. The new room rates are now $159 per
night for two people in a room, $179 per night for three, and $199 per night
for four. The hotel also is offering the same room rates to all DSA
conference attendees who may want to attend the Grand Prix auto races after
the DSA conference ends.

The CMT saw sound advantages in the date change. First, this would place
the DSA conference a week prior to the Labor Day weekend that would give
working people the opportunity to attend the conference. Secondly, DSA
registrants would save $10 per night to stay at the hotel. Thirdly, during
the conference, they would have the fun of going outside the hotel to see
Grand Prix pre-race activities going on. The CMT believes that this is an
opportunity too good to pass up.

Keep an eye on the DSA 2013 Baltimore Conference website for more
information on the Conference. Information will be periodically updated to
keep interested persons fully informed of all developments. The website
address is

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