Fresh Bread DVD – Check it Out!

“Fresh Bread”

Expressions of Emmanuel, a ministry to the deaf and hard of hearing and
located in Bonham, is thankful to God that their newest American Sign
Language DVD, “Fresh Bread,” is complete. These twelve tasty Bible lessons
remind us just how good God is and that Jesus and His Word do not become
old, hard, and stale. Jesus and the Bible are “Fresh Bread.” Look to these
Bible lessons about wheat and bread and see that God’s Word is for you. His
Word is for now. Don’t follow the trail of old stale bread crumbs to try to
find your way – His Word, the Bread of Life, will be a lamp unto your feet
and light unto your path.

This DVD is excellent for use with all ages – at home, in children’s
ministries, in Sunday schools, or so many other ways. Expression of
Emmanuel’s use of repetition, bright, eye-catching visuals, and lots of
expression and gestures make their DVDs appealing and successful with

Expressions of Emmanuel would also like to thank Ainemaire Kendall and Selah
Burnett for sharing their photography skills to help us complete the artwork
on the cover. This DVD has already been successfully used in IL, NV, and
OK, and is on its way to Jamaica!

Our videos are a cross between the visual antics of Charlie Chaplin and the
charisma of Lucille Ball, but with a strong Christian message. If you would
like to see more of our videos or place an order, please visit our website
at .

God bless you!

Vonda Hamilton
Expressions of Emmanuel
Email: [email protected]

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