TAD board meeting 1/14/12 – Austin

TAD pre-meeting board agenda for January 14, 2012 at VH in Austin

Texas Association of the Deaf

Regular Board Meeting

January 14, 2012

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Vaughn House
Austin, Texas


Present: Larry Evans (President), Marianne Sasseen (Secretary), Steven Myer
(Treasurer), Cindi Nagy (Director), Susie Grona (Director) and Paul Rutowski

Excused: Marcus Myers (vice president)

Pro temps: Steve Baldwin (former Secretary), John Mills (former Treasurer),


Public comments:

Meeting was called to order at ____ PM by President Evans in the large
meeting room at Vaughn House in Austin after lunch and a morning retreat.

Order of business as agreed via email communication this past week:

1. Reports from each board member
a. President Larry Evans:
b. Vice-President Marcus Myers:
c. Treasurer Steven Myer:
d. Secretary Marianne Sasseen:
e. Director Susie Grona:
f. Director Cindi Nagy:
g. Director Paul Rutowski:
2. Approval of minutes from July 23, 2011 meeting in Houston (posted on TAD
website), plus online motion approval as follows:
a. Agree to be considered as host for the 2015 NAD conference in Austin.
b. Approve the exploratory team of Larry Evans, Paul Rutowski and Marcus
Myers to visit Port Arkansas for possible 2013 conference site (this online
motion may be moot since everyone seems to prefer Houston instead).
3. Standing committee reports:
a. The Deaf Texan (Tim Jaech)
b. Education affairs (vacant)
c. Website (Grant Laird, Jr. via Steve Baldwin and Paul Rutowski)
d. Membership chair (Ovi Velasquez)
e. Investments (John Mills)
f. Bylaws committee (Marcus Myers)
g. Miss Deaf Ambassador committee (Amanda Tuite)
h. (Other)
3. Inactive committees or ad hoc committees:
a. Necrology
b. Ranch-o-Rama (Marilyn Swanson or?)
c. Gala in March (Amanda Tuite)
d. Legislative committee
e. Awards/recognition committee (Pat and Susie Grona)
f. 2013 TAD conference chairs
g. Deaf Youth committee
h. DVD project for TAD film (Steve Baldwin)
4. Old business:
5. New business:
a. (New laptop for TAD secretary?)
b. (2013 conference site)
c. (2013 conference chair)
d. (Delegate(s) for the 2012 NAD conference in Kentucky)
e. (Approve the short and long term goals from the retreat this morning)
f. (Authorize the ‘old’ Dell computer to be given to the archive committee)
g. (Authorize purchase of LCD projector – costing about $500)
h. (Discuss and clear calendar for the next board meeting in May)

Board meeting adjourned at _______ PM.


Respectfully submitted by

Marianne Sasseen, Secretary

Website: http://www.deaftexas.org

Source: http://deaftexas.org/wp/blog/2012/01/09/1751/

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