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TSID Scholarship and Awards 2012

TSID Scholarship and Awards 2012

TSID Members,

The Scholarship and Awards Committee is looking for committee members to
serve in selecting the scholarship recipient(s) for the 2012 TSID conference
in Austin. The required amount of time to serve on this committee will be
less than two hours on one day in March of 2012. The responsibility of the
Scholarship and Awards committee member is to determine which applicant(s)
will receive the Jonnie Duncan Student Trust Fund scholarship. If you or
anyone that you know is interested please contact me at
[email protected] or [email protected] .

Current committee members include Carol Washington, Rita Lee-Wedgeworth and
Marie Dunnam.

Remember, TSID Scholarship and Awards Committee has several different funds
which can support your professional development needs just visit the
scholarship link at TSID; http://tsid.org/scholarships/

TSID Scholarships include:

* The Don England Trust Fund: This is a perpetual fund which provides
financial assistance to all TSID members in good standing for training
opportunities. This fund was named after a lifetime member who had the
vision for this fund.

* The Jonnie Duncan Student Trust Fund: This is a perpetual fund, which
provides financial assistance to only students in good standing and in the
interpreting profession for leadership opportunities and training. This was
named for a lifetime member who dedicated her life to interpreting students.

**Note**: Once you have followed the procedures and submitted an application
for one of the above scholarships, please send an email to
[email protected] or [email protected] this will help
with tracking of applications.

**Note**Both scholarships mentioned above are available to ITP students, all
qualification criteria applies. These trusts are overseen by a committee of
Trustees: Chairperson, Marie Dunnam and committee members include Melissa
Hays, Jessica Harp, Brandon Morgan and Debbie Glass-Stufflebean.

TSID Awards include:

* The Bob Alcorn Award: This is an award that is given to a person who has
made significant contributions to the field of interpreting. This award was
established because Mr. Alcorn was a tremendous voice for the Deaf
community, for interpreters and for the interpreting profession. This is not
an annual award and is given judiciously in order to maintain the spirit of
the special recognition bestowed by TSID.

* Lifetime Member Award: This person is recognized at the annual conference
for outstanding service to the Deaf community and TSID. The elected
individual shall have rights and privileges of Certified Members but shall
not be required to pay dues.

* Honorary Members: These members are chosen by a resolution at the annual
conference approved by the general membership. The Honorary Member does not
pay dues, hold office, nor vote; this is provided to those who have
performed outstanding services for TSID and the Deaf community.

Please forward this message to anyone who you feel could benefit, pass it

Thank you and may you have a wonderful New Year!

WEBSITE: http://tsid.org/scholarships/

James Whitfield
Scholarship and Awards Committee Chair

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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