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Were you “alone in the mainstream?” Research

Were you “alone in the mainstream?”

Drs. Gina Oliva and Linda Lytle are researchers and faculty members
from Gallaudet University who are collaborating on a book for parents,
teachers, administrators, and educational interpreters that will
present the essence and pervasive themes of the solitary mainstream
experience of deaf and hard of hearing adults between the ages of 18
and 34. We want to include the voices of individuals who were the only
(or one of a few) deaf/hh (50 db or greater) child in their school for
most of their K – 12 years. We want to share with readers how these
young adults look back on their years in the mainstream, and
particularly their recommendations for improving the mainstream
experience of current and future deaf and hard of hearing children.

If you are between the ages of 18 – 34, had a db loss of 50 or greater
during your K-12 years, and spent at least 5 years “alone in the
mainstream,” we invite you to fill out a survey for our upcoming book.

This research is approved by the Gallaudet University IRB.
Confidentiality is assured. Please click on this link to begin and
please help us spread the word to others!!!!


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