March Madness Ending Soon?

March Madness Ending Soon?

Harris Communications is celebrating March Madness with an 18.37%
discount throughout the store.*

Take advantage of these crazy savings while you can. Because it’s March
Madness, this sale can end at any time!

Save on DVDs—Keith Wann’s “My Experience Different” (DVD379) is on
sale for only $20.41!

Save on novelties—the ABC Backpack (N489) is on sale for $15.47!

Save on signalers and receivers—the Sonic Blink Strobe Receiver
(SA-BL300) is on sale for only $44.86!

Save on hundreds of products during the Harris Communications March
Madness Sale.

*Certain product restrictions may apply.

To start saving today, go to . Any
questions? Contact us at mailto:[email protected].

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