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Explore ASL with San Jacinto Girl Scouts and Signing Time Academy – Houston

Explore American Sign Language with San Jacinto Girl Scouts and Signing
Time Academy

ASL is the third most used language. With a community of 30,000 deaf
or hard of hearing in Houston, stretch your mind and skills to enable
you to communicate with your neighbors in a creative, new way. Join
Dr. Julie Howard, a Signing Time Master Level Instructor with many
other skills (PsyD, PhD, CHP, CPC, MLI, RID) as she is excited to
empower attendees with the knowledge of ASL in a four-day exploration
of the incredible world of sign language. Check your calendar and the
offerings below, grab an adult to be your practice partner (optional
for older girls) and register online at www.gssjc.org. August Adult
class will be taught Immersion Style as the class dives into what it is
like to be surrounded by words in physical form and have only the
hands, face, and body to communicate. This means NO VOICE ladies!!

Location, location, location!

Girl Scout Daisy (Elementary) – Senior (High School) classes are
located on the Girl Scout Campus, Center or Program Place for Girls,
3100/3000 SW Freeway, Houston. Girl Scout Ambassador classes start at
the GSSJC Campus, and then move to a shopping mall and restaurant.
(Adult drivers needed)

These classes are for Deaf and Parent…Hearing and Parent…Girl
Scout…non Girl Scout. Patches upon graduation will be given to
everyone in attendance. Classes will be taught aggressively and
comprehensively and Signing Time materials and products will be
available for purchase. Classes are being taught at the San Jancinto
Girl Scout Building on the SW Freeway between Kirby and Edloe on the
north side access road. Building is identified by a large red
contemporary sculpture in front.

K-2nd (Daisy)
June 25-28, 2012 (4 day session)
10 am – Noon
Deadline: 6/11/2012

Adult required
For sessions listed above

3rd-5th (Brownie)
June 25-28, 2012 (4 day session)
1 – 4 pm
Deadline: 6/11/2012

August 6 – 9 (4 day session)
9 am – Noon
Deadline: 7/23/2012

Adult required
For sessions listed above

9th-12th (Ambassador)
July 8, 15, 22, 29, 2012 (4 day session)
2 – 5 pm
Deadline: 6/25/2012

August 6 – 9, 2012 (4 day session)
1 – 4 pm
Deadline: 7/23/2012

Adult optional
For sessions listed above
Drivers needed
Deadline: 7/23/2012

Adults Immersion
August 6 – 9, 2012 (4 day session)
5-8 pm
Deadline: 7/23/2012

Register: Visit the council website, http://www.gssjc.org, Click on
Program/Training registration in the Helpful Links box on lower right.
On the next page, upper left, click on Program Activities, on the next
page, upper right, type title in small gray Search box.

For more information about Dr. Howard and Signing Time, please visit
http://www.srpcoaching.com . Registration will be taken at the door
on the first day with a late fee of $15. Deadline published above is
for Preregistration only.

Private one on one Life Coaching and Private Counseling with no need for an
interpreter. ASL fluent. Everything said is completely confidential.
Private one-on-one and group ASL instruction of various types to include Mommy
and Me Baby Sign.

Centrally located in Downtown Houston. Visit our website or email me at
[email protected]

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