Free Shipping on Bellman Analog Alarm Clock

Free Shipping on Bellman Analog Alarm Clock

For a stylish analog alarm clock with a fun, modern design, check out
the Bellman Alarm clock at Harris Communications. Wake by flashing
lights, vibration and a ring signal which grows louder and sweeps
through different sound frequencies during the alarm. To facilitate
reading the time, the clock face lights up during the alarm, or when
pressing the snooze button.

The Bellman Alarm clock comes with one bed shaker but can power up to
two bed shakers put under the pillow.

It also can be connected to the telephone and provide a clear alarm for
incoming telephone calls.

Find the Bellman Analog Alarm with Bed Shaker (HC-BA/CLOCK-KIT) at
Harris Communications for only $62.95. You can also buy it without the
bed shaker (HC-BA/CLOCK) for only $49.95.

For a limited time only, get FREE shipping when you order either clock.

For more information, go to or
contact us at mailto:[email protected].

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