TSDAA Reunion Party 2012 – CANCELLED!

TSDAA Reunion Party 2012 – CANCELLED!

Hello all! I did not want this to happen but TSDAA boards asked me to cancel it. I know it sucks. BUT, hey, since TSDAA is not involved and I have made a new plan! I asked Austin Deaf Club board last night to host ex-TSD All Class Reunion Party. And yes we are doing to do it. So change of plans means more work for me and I’ll be happy to do it…just to make sure everyone have a good time on Sept 21. A revised flyer is being worked on. I should have it ready by either tomorrow or Friday for yall.

A short detail for you to know now then when flyer comes out, it’ll be more detailed one. OK?

It will be at Austin Deaf Club September 21 – 2PM to 1AM. $10 per person in advance and $15 at door. Deadline Sept 15. Mail to ADC (address will be on flyer by tomorrow or Friday – will email to y’all). Cook-out grill cheeseburgers bean chip tea, door prize and a possibly LIVE BAND performed by a Deaf group. I’m working on all details right now. So look for email and announcement from Deaf Network and others. SMILE

Now for those who already sent $25, please please please call me at 512-410-6682. Very important. Could refund $25 in the mail or pay $15 cash back to you at door on the 21st. So please call me and we’ll make arrangements. OK?

I predict a very good time at ADC on the 21st. LIVE Band by a Deaf group is a possibility that will happen at ADC. Will know more for sure very soon. Look for flyer in your email soon. SMILE Thank you.

Ronny Taylor
Email: [email protected]

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