Learn ASL Classifiers from “Wink” Smith Jr.

Learn ASL Classifiers from “Wink” Smith Jr.

Non-native ASL users often struggle with selecting appropriate classifiers to produce concepts in ASL. “Tangible, ASL Classifiers Concepts”, a DVD from Windell “Wink” Smith Jr., provides the tools needed to select and practice classifiers and will help you feel comfortable producing concepts through ASL by using classifiers.

The DVD features guided instructions and stories to create your own work that you can then compare to Wink’s versions of the same stories.

A valuable DVD for anyone trying to improve their signing skills, “Tangible” (DVD388) is available at Harris Communications for $19.99.

For more information, go to http://bit.ly/HarrisComm_DN021713. Contact us at mailto:[email protected] if you have questions.

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