See “Journey Through Deaf Texas” at Opening Session of TSID’s 50th Annual Conference

See "Journey Through Deaf Texas" at Opening Session of TSID's 50th Annual Conferenc

See “Journey Through Deaf Texas” at Opening Session of TSID’s 50th Annual Conference

The deaf community was and always has been a big part of TSID. It was TAD President Rudy Gamblin who invited interpreters from across Texas to meet in Dallas in 1963 where TSID was formed. In the first years, many of Texas’ deaf leaders gave of their time and talents to help establish and grow TSID into a fine organization. Not only were they charter members of TSID ( Rudy Gamblin, Troy Hill, Betsy Stanley, Louis Orrill, Jr and Glynn Whttemore). Deaf members were on the Executive Board ( N. S Draughon and Earl Thompson), were on the Advisory Board (Bob Alcorn, Derrell Brumley, Larry Evans, Jack Hensley, Mike Moore, Opal Piercy, Helen Sewell and Betsy Stanley) and were Editors of the TSID Newsletter before it was named the InterpreTexan (Ralph White).

Several member of the deaf community have been recognized by TSID through the years with special recognitions. Lifetime Memberships include: Rudy Gamblin (year granted unknown and now deceased), Helen Sewell in 1980 and now living in Sevierville, Tennessee and Earl Thompson in 1986 and now living in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Bob Alcorn Award has been given to Jerry Hassell in 2000 (now deceased) and Brian Kilpatrick in 2011 (Houston).

As TSID celebrates its 50 years this coming June, we invite the deaf community to come celebrate your vibrant Texas history with us by watching “Journey Through Deaf Texas.” The purchase of your ticket includes movie theater goodies such as buttered popcorn and more! Please pre-purchase your tickets for you and your family so we can plan appropriately. Go on-line at

Location: InterContinental Hotel – Dallas

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Time: 7:30 PM
Admission: $5.00 (Open to Public)  or free with TSID conference combo ticket

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