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PepsiCo Enable and NAD Successfully Host John Maucere

PepsiCo Enable and NAD Successfully Host John Maucere

Click here to view YoutTube video: http://youtu.be/0Od-m4xxJbU


The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and PepsiCo EnAble jointly present a video that showcases John Maucere touring about New Orleans during the weekend of the Super Bowl XLVII! He checked out the city on behalf of the NAD and PepsiCo Enable and performed “America the Beautiful” and the National Anthem prior to kickoff of the Super Bowl. This video also is being shown at http://www.pepsico.com.

The NAD truly appreciates the assistance of PepsiCo and its EnAble group in promoting awareness of American Sign Language by sponsoring the ASL Artist at the Super Bowl and with this phenomenal spotlight on a deaf person’s experiences during the recent Super Bowl in New Orleans. We hope you enjoy viewing this video and join us in thanking PepsiCo for their support of ASL!

For more information about the partnership between PepsiCo EnAble and the NAD during Super Bowl XLVII check out our previous joint press release: http://nad.org/news/2013/2/nad-pepsico-join-forces-bring-asl-big-game.


Video fades from black to see performer Alicia Keys playing the piano while singing the National Anthem, camera moves from L to R, closed captions appear.

ALICIA KEYS:…by the dawn’s early light,

Video fades to John Maucere signing the National Anthem.

JOHN MAUCERE: …by the dawn’s early light,/What so proudly we hailed.

Video fades to camera moving quickly to show John Maucere signing, Alicia Keys singing, and the stadium in the background.

Video quickly fades to black. Many little orange soda bubbles float towards the top, with white text, “JOHN MAUCERE, DEAF ACTOR, COMEDIAN, & ASL ARTIST.”

CLOSED CAPTIONS: Funky New Orleans Jazz music playing in background throughout.

After a few seconds, text spins while text transitions to, “HAD THE TIME OF HIS LIFE PERFORMING AT SUPERBOWL XLVII.” Text spins again to transition to white text, “THANKS TO” with PepsiCo Enable logo appears. After two seconds, white text “AND THE” and the NAD logo appears with a slide transition, with white text “National Association of the Deaf” below the NAD logo. All text and logos spin out, Super Bowl XLVII logo appears. Below the logo, white text, “THE EXCITEMENT OF THE SUPER BOWL WAS IN GOOD HANDS.” After two seconds, white text appear below, “ALL WEEKEND LONG.”

Video cuts to a worm’s view as a horse carriage walks by with a New Orleans building in the background. Video quickly cuts to “Rue Bourbon, Bourbon” street sign, 3 New Orleans flags flowing in the wind as an air blimp flies in the sky, New Orleans flag, then John and Lauren Maucere walk R to L with New Orleans in the background.

JOHN MAUCERE: We’re here in New Orleans.

Quick video cuts: John stands with a guy wearing a very bright pink outfit on the street, John and Lauren hold hands walking towards the camera, John holds a NAD mug for a quick photo op, John stands with a mime on one of the streets in New Orleans, John stands between two women posing for the camera, John stands with a caricature artist who just drew a portrait of John, John and Lauren walk and talk with each other, camera pans down to show “WE KNEAUX HOW TO PARTY” banner hung above many people walking below it, John tries on some massive silly sunglasses, Lauren and John pose together in front of a green backdrop wearing glasses and holding big #1 foam fingers, John plays the Drew Brees Quarterback Challenge, John gets a touchdown.


Quick video cuts: John shows the deaf applause, TV Monitor shows a blue background with “TOSTITOS TOUCHDOWN DANCE” on screen, John hands a football in his right hand and pretends he’s running down for a touchdown in front of a green backdrop, Lauren smiles as she takes a picture of John, John poses behind a red and beige football uniform with #13 on the jersey, John and Lauren play a touchscreen game, John hits a Pepsi button on screen, wideshot shows a jazz band playing, John dances with a Tostitos representative, a waiter at Cafe Du Monde carries a tray full of food and drinks, John and NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum both take a bite out of a beignet, John takes another bite.


Quick video cuts: John poses in front of the football stadium, John on the ground inside the stadium with the crowd in the background.

JOHN MAUCERE: I love it.

Quick video cuts: A wideshot shows John signing the National Anthem as Alicia Keys sings next to him on the piano.

ALICIA KEYS: Land of the…

Quick video cuts: John poses with someone and both say ILY to the camera, Lauren and John pose together in front of the camera with “The 5th Quarter in the French Quarter” and many signatures on the backdrop behind them.

JOHN MAUCERE (while holding a Pepsi key): This is the key to the Pepsi After Party.

Quick video cuts: Singer on stage.

SINGER: Oh Yeah!

Quick video cuts: Camera pans from L to R to show interpreter signing for John and Lauren.


Video cuts to the same black background with many little orange soda bubbles floating towards the top, both logos of PepsiCo Enable and the NAD appear next to each other.

JOHN MAUCERE: Amazing! Wow! I feel so good. It feels great to bring out the beauty of American Sign Language! ASL Rocks! Thanks to NAD and PepsiCo for sponsoring this!

Video fades to black.



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