Huge $30 Savings on LightOn Mobile Phone Signalers!

Huge $30 Savings on LightOn Mobile Phone Signalers!

When people see the LightOn Phone Signaler they like it. It is an innovative signaling solution that was designed for mobile phone users who have a hearing loss. You can use it anywhere in your home and even bring it to work!

To use, simply place your mobile phone on the LightOn cradle in vibrate mode. When a phone call or SMS is received it flashes a bright LED light. For vibration notification, connect the optional LightOn Bed Shaker (sold separately).

Both the LightOn signaler and bed shaker are on sale now at Harris Communications.

The LightOn Mobile Phone Signaler (HC-DREAMZON/B) is on sale for $49.95 (regularly $79.95).

The LightOn Bed Shaker (HC-LIGHTON/VIB) is on sale for $29.95 (regularly $39.95).

This is a limited time offer. Sale can end at any time.

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