Inspiring Deaf Community Puerto Rico

Inspiring Deaf Community Puerto Rico

Created by Stephanie Nogueras

With the help of generous contributions from donors like you.

I am here to raise funds for ESD (Evangelical School for the Deaf). AND to inspire the deaf community in Puerto Rico.

My volunteers & I plan to travel to a deaf school in Puerto Rico to raise Deaf Awareness & Culture. We will be interacting with Deaf Puerto Ricans within the Deaf Community. We hope by sharing our personal stories of accomplishments, we hope to inspire them to believe that they can aspire to achieve anything they dream! My mother is hearing, Puerto Rican, and a perfect role model for the hearing parents of Deaf children. She is fluent in English, Spanish and American Sign Language. My mother will be educating and inspiring families on building relationships and better communication with their deaf child through lectures and presentations.

Would you kindly consider making a small donation for the Deaf community in Puerto Rico? Our goal and purpose is to encourage a better education system and a better Deaf awareness so that we can ensure a better future for every child within the Deaf communities of Puerto Rico! Nothing is too small. $5 can make a huge difference in other’s life.

All of money will cover include – books, school lunches, snacks, classroom maintenance, Internet, computers/laptops, and school trips. Hopefully, a new playground if more than $6,000! Kids will be thrilled!

In appreciation of your donation, you will receive a small “Thank You” gift in return!

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Thank you! <3

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