Job Opportunity: Housekeeping – DFW

Job Opportunity: Housekeeping – DFW


V: 817-534-0013; VP: 682-200-1459; VP: 682-200-1339


POSITION: HOUSEKEEPING: FULL TIME (2nd Shift: 2 pm & 10 pm)

Responsible for assisting with all activities of daily living (ADL) related to overall housekeeping of the facility: cleaning residents’ rooms, linen changes, housekeeping, laundry, serving meals, bussing tables, cleaning and any other tasks deemed necessary to assure quality of care for residents and to maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the facility. The Housekeeper works under the direction and supervision of the assigned supervisor.

* Assist with Second Shift attendant serve Dinner
* Assist Second Shift with Laundry when needed
* Take soiled with urine/feces linen and clothing to Laundry immediately
* Wash and change linens

Clean Apartments as assigned:

* Dust and Clean (including windows), Sweep/Mop, Office, Clean Bathroom, Clean Doors, Janitor, Clean Kitchen (includes refrigerator), Vacuum, Laundry
* Gather trashes and takes to Dumpster outside
* Clean elevators and hallways
* Complete Housekeeping Task Schedule and turn it in to your Supervisor’s in-box


EDUCATION: High School Graduate or GED Required

EXPERIENCE: a minimum of 6 months experience working in housekeeping area.

SKILLS: Must know how to read and write in English; Ability to follow directions of his/her supervisor; Sign language skills a plus (Preferred, not required); Willing to learn sign language.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND WORKING CONDITIONS: Works in various conditions with possible exposure to blood and body fluids and infectious diseases. Works a flexible schedule based on the needs of the facility, rotating 4/2 schedule.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EFFORT: Prolonged standing and walking required 90-100% of the time throughout the shift. Requires the ability to identify physical needs of the facility and report to supervisor; residents need to ensure the safety and wellness of the resident.

SALARY: $7.25 an hour

For Application, please call or come by.

Carl Earwood
Email: [email protected]

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