Nerd Nite 46: Nerds At Play 5/8/13 – Austin

Nerd Nite 46: Nerds At Play

When: Wednesday, May 8. doors at 7pm.

Where: The North Door

Dating : May speed dating tickets are on sale now!

[ASL interpreter will be provided]

After a hard day in the salt-mines of knowledge, we nerds like to kick back, pop a homebrewie and relax on the Barcalounger while dressed as Sailor Moon.

oh, just me?

Whatever your bag, I’m sure you’ll agree nerds are nerds at work and at play. Just ask this month’s presenters:


“Ham Radio: The Original Nerd Hobby,” by Jim Bryce

Before iPhones, before PCs, before the Internet and before even computers, there was amateur radio – the genesis of all nerddom to come. This is a very quick exploration of the combination of science, technology, geography, gaming, the search for intelligent life, and uses for discarded junk that is ham radio.

Jim Bryce is a philosophy major still looking for the meaning of life and on the way venturing through practicing law, creating one of the first computer networking firms, writing books/articles, and arguing about patents — all being traceable back to his interest in ham radio.


Cosplay Curious,” by Michelle Elbert

A cosplayer’s journey — from Halloween to a random meetup on a Saturday afternoon in July. Expect tips and tricks for acquiring, creating, and wearing a costume with utmost nerd pride.

Michelle Elbert is the current “Mistress of Propaganda” at ATX Hackerspace. She enjoys dressing weird and talking funny.


“Roleplaying Games – Modern Cooperative Storytelling,” by Nathan Black & Marc Majcher

Description to come! Expect pens, paper & chagrined audience participation.

Nathan Black is a factotum: a stuntman, gamer, photographer and programmer. He has been playing roleplaying games since before computers thought they could help. He maintains a collection of knuckle tattoos at

Marc Majcher is a game designer, developer, and improviser. He got a blue box with a dragon on the cover and weird dice inside for christmas in 1982, and never looked back. He’s kickstarted and published a few games of his own, which you can find at



Want to get a jump on your nerdery? Form a covalent bond at Nerd Nite Speed-Dating before the show:


Plus plus!

A super-special-secret-mini-presentation, conducted by an envoy from an up-and-coming Austin event.


Plus plus minus!

No Chiptuner this month. Instead, Nerd Nite will present “Loungin’ Soundz from Heydn’s Ipod.”


Doors at 7, talks start at 7:30. As always, Nerd Nite is FREE.

(Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a beer or two and reellaaaxxxx)

Lewis Weil
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