History of Deaf-Blindness and the role of an Intervener – Houston

deaf-blind history flyer

Workshop- History of Deaf-Blindness and the role of an Intervener

DATE: July 26th & July 27th 2013

TIME: 3pm to 7pm & 9am to 1pm

9100 Southwest Freeway suite 200
Houston, Texas 77074

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In this workshop we will talk about the History of Deaf-Blindness, we will talk about technology and how it has progressed. We will learn basic Intervener skills and talk about the importance of an Intervener and the impact we have in the lives of those we serve and the true meaning of an intervener. We will talk about the difference in working with children vs adults . I will share personal success stories of different individuals I have had the privilege of working with . We will also touch on ADA laws and rights as it is an important thing to know in this population as many times you may need to step in and become the advocate.

Please email me at [email protected] for more information .

Mandy Picard

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
CONTACT TELEPHONE #: (832)585-6975

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