TAD 47th Biennial Conference 2013 – workshop details

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Texas Association of the Deaf 47th Biennial Conference

Workshop Descriptions

Beach-Side Talk on Memoirs of Early TRS/VRS by the Movers & Shakers :  There will be six story tellers who will ruminate on the early years of TRS and VRS, and how the services came to be.  Each story teller has roles in contributing to the development of TRS and VRS. There were challenges- politically, technically, and financially.  The Beach-Side Talk will offer glimpses for audience on how objectives were achieved; simply by hard work and luck.  The storytellers:  Ed Bosson, Larry Evans, Paul Rutowski, Nancy Thomas and David Coco
Deaf Empowerment: What Would You Do?  Two workshop presenters are Lisa Bosson and Susie Grona.  This workshop will focus on how the deaf and hard of hearing individuals or community as a whole gain empowerment as well as what would a person do in such situation where disempowerment arise.  Discussion and role playing situations will be involved as well as audience participation in various role playing situations like the prime time show on ABC What Would You Do?  
Every Deaf Child Need Deaf Role Models and Deaf History. Kathy Weldon, presenter.  This workshop will point out the weak area in a Deaf child's education in an mainstreamed program providing role models.  Short reviews of some Deaf persons revealed their academic strengths and reinforced the "Can Do" atmosphere.  This workshop will encourage volunteers to share the information with parents of Deaf children and Educators in Deaf Education.  
Well-Kept Secret! Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services: Lori Breslow & Ann Horn presenters.  This workshop will focus on DHHS programs and services and how theses programs/services enhance our lives.  The presentation is geared up for anyone attending the TAD conference. Information will benefit the deaf and hard of hearing community, parents, interpreters, and professionals.  
Marketing 101 by Manny Johnson.  This workshop will educate participants the fundamentals of marketing that can apply to organizations and business.  A must attend for those who want to improve one’s understanding about marketing.
High Tides, Low Tides: A biography of Leroy Colombo by: Dr. Jean Andrews. Workshop will show how the historical research is conducted and how the interviews of Deaf community members are important in the development of the book.  Why is it important to increase awareness and knowledge of Texas deaf heroes. 

To learn more about TAD Conference 2013 at Galveston, Texas — August 1-3, 2013, go to http://www.deaftexas.org 

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