Disability Voting Action Project 2013

Disability Voting Action Project

1640A East 2nd St
Austin, Texas 78702

Dear Disability Rights and Services Advocates:

Disability Voting Action Project

We have recently started the Disability Voting Action Project of Texas.(DVAP)

This is a non partisan project that hopes to involve people with disabilities and their supporters in the election and political process.

We know many Centers have, over the years, been involved in non partisan election activities at the local level. We would like to gather this information so as to enhance not duplicate or conflict with any of your activities . Would appreciate it if you could answer the following 6 questions:

1. Does your organization currently register people to vote?

2. Have you ever held a voter registration meeting and/or day?

3. Have you held local, state or national candidate forums?

4. Have you sent out issue surveys to candidates to ascertain their positions on issues important to the disability community?

5. What assistance do you think DVAP can provide to your organization/people with disabilities?

6. Would you be willing to participate in a non partisan voter registration campaign to increase the number of people with disabilities and their supporters are registered to vote?

[email protected]

NOT REGISTERED? http://www.votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/

P.S. September 24th is National Voter Registration Day http://www.NationalVoterRegistrationday.org

Thank you for your support of disability rights and services,

Bob Kafka, Coordinator
DVAP of Texas

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