Walk 4 Hearing for Texas Hands & Voices all over Texas 2013

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Walk 4 Hearing for Texas Hands & Voices all over Texas

This year we have again formed an alliance with HLAA for the Walk 4 Hearing for our major fundraiser. 40% of the funds we raise at this walk will go directly to our programming to support families of children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. 

In order to meet our basic fundraising budget for the year we need to raise $6000 at the Walk.  BUT we have many new projects and programs we would like to bring to the state that won't be possible with that minimum! If we can reach our $25,000 goal in this major annual fundraiser , we can do so much more for so many more families!  And only 3 weeks left to meet our goals!

The Texas H&V Chapter and its programs are planning great things for this next year in Texas!  The funding we raise through the W4H will help us be able to offer one or more of the following to our families:

  • More frequent social/informational gatherings for families to meet and learn all across Texas.  These will be hosted by our Guides and chapter members and funding will come through our Event Support Program.  Watch our calendar for dates – they will be coming soon!  A sampling of such events is on the attached flyer
  • ASTra training workshop – (Advocacy and Support Training) We are hoping to bring this program from National to the Texas chapter! Helping families be more effective partners in the educational process. 
  • "Mom's Night Inn" – a two day event with workshops, breakout sessions, pampering and networking especially geared toward Moms of kids who are newly diagnosed
  • A series of Video segments on our website for just in time support needs in the realm of education, technology, social skills, or community access. 
  • O.U.R. Children – rental of the OUR Children booth items for Statewide Conference http://handsandvoices.org/resources/OUR/booth.htm
  • Travel assistance to parents attending our trainings and workshops.

When you sign up to donate and/or walk for the W4H, please make sure you choose us as the alliance partner recipient!  To do this on #2 under Additional information choose TX Hands & Voices!  

Many of the these projects and programs cannot happen without your financial support. We have a long way to go to reach our goals!  Remember you don’t have to be present at the walk to support us!  You can walk in your own area or just donate! Even a little change can change a lot! Recruit your friends and family to support us too!   

If you CAN make it to the Walk in Houston on November 2, 2013, plan to join us for the Family Social after!   We will have snacks, drinks, games and lots of fun!   See you there?!

Link to our W4H page                                             
Where the rest of the $$ goes

Saturday, November 2, 2013
Tom Bass Park
Pavilion #4 Section III
15108 Cullen Blvd. 
Houston, Texas

8am – Registration/Check-in
9am – Walk begins 
Distance: 5K (3.1 miles)
10:30 TX H&V Family Social – look for the balloons!

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