New DVD by D-PAN!

New DVD by D-PAN!
Deaf Professional Arts Network (D-PAN) is back with Volume 2 of “It’s Everybody’s Music”.
Deaf artists sign popular songs by The White Stripes, Owl City, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Clark Sisters, Sean Forbes, Rosa Lee and Damon Timm.
Enjoyable for both deaf and hearing people, this DVD also includes behind-the-scenes footage from three of the songs. DVD is suitable for all ages.
Now available at Harris Communications, “It’s Everybody’s Music: Volume 2” (DVD430) is only $19.99.
Are you interested in Volume 1 of “It’s Everybody’s Music” (DVD355)? It is also available on the Harris Communications website.

To see a video clip of Volume 2, go to Contact us at mailto:[email protected].

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