REMINDER: Your Vagina: Friend or Foe? Two-Day Workshop – Austin

Your Vagina: Friend or Foe? 2-Day Workshop  April 26th & May 3rd

Your Vagina: Friend or Foe? Two-Day Workshop

April 26, 2014 & May 3, 2014

Open to all, especially for anyone who:
Has a vulva
Used to have a vulva
Planning on having a vulva

This workshop, as it currently exists, is a delightful yet sensitive guide for the attendees about embracing and understanding the most complicated, yet under-appreciated region of female bodies. Vaginas and vulvas have long been under-appreciated and vilified. We have been taught that vaginas in general are ‘gross, stinky, and dirty’ directly due to the messages found in the media and popular culture. As a result of the workshop’s activities, attendees leave feeling empowered, curious, relieved, and hungry to learn more about the most important yet neglected region of female bodies.

Although the topic of my workshop directly impacts over half of the Deaf community (women), this is, ironically, an underserved population. Moreover, though this topic itself has been shown to have deep effects upon multiple facets of the entire community’s life, not only upon females, but even extending into the lives of males, it is almost entirely missing from general discourse. There will be takeaway materials and a plan of action – charging participants to be, not simply informed and empowered, but catalysts for change; to act, to lead, to implement this information in some way long after the workshop doors have closed.

Workshop Details:

Presenter: Bethany Gehman
Date: April 26, 2014 & May 3, 2014
Time: 1-5pm on both Saturdays

Requirement: Deaf & Austin residents (as stipulated by GAFD)

Take-home brochures

Light snacks & drinks will be provided.

Consists of:
Educational information
Personal Reflection
Hands-on & craft-oriented activities
V-Mediation Session

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