Hurricane Season in Texas: Texans with Disabilities Prepare

Hurricane Season in Texas: Texans with Disabilities Prepare

Hurricane season starts Sunday and goes through November typically. Planning for various types of disasters through an “all hazards” approach to emergency preparedness is essential to enhance Texas’ ability to respond to, recover from, and mitigate against the unexpected. An “all hazards” preparedness gives the more than five million Texans with disabilities a broad range of knowledge and resources that can be effective during any kind of disaster.

Why is this important?

The Kaiser Family Foundation took a poll of people from New Orleans who evacuated to the Astrodome, asking: “Which of these was the biggest reason you did not leave (New Orleans earlier)?” 22% of the respondents said, “I was physically unable to leave.” In addition, 23% said, “I had to care for someone who was unable to leave.” Together this makes 45% of the people who did not leave New Orleans early did so due to disability-related reasons.

Many Texans with disabilities, given equal access to information and education about preparing for disasters, can make individual plans and react to disasters as do other Texans.

Preparedness Videos Related to Hurricanes.

Texans Prepare for Hurricane Season: Surviving Hurricanes
American Sign Language Version: Texans Prepare: Surviving Hurricanes
Press Release: May 29, 2014: “Texas has a great track record when it comes to being prepared for natural disasters, and that readiness starts with our citizens,” Gov. Perry said. “I urge every Texan to get ready for hurricane season by taking a few common-sense measures to prepare their families for whatever Mother Nature might throw their way this year.”

To help Texans be safe in the event of a major storm, the governor is strongly encouraging families to develop an emergency plan that designates a place to go in case of evacuations, and compile a readiness kit of important supplies, including medication, non-perishable food items and water. Texans living in coastal areas who will require transportation assistance during an evacuation are urged to call 2-1-1 as soon as possible to sign up with the State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry ( which allows local and state officials to better coordinate transportation needs once a disaster occurs.

For more information on how to prepare for a hurricane and tips on how to build a kit, please visit the Hurricane Storm Center and Texas Prepares website.

GCPD encourages Local Mayor’s Committee’s on People with Disabilities across the state and other disability organizations to widely share preparedness information with your communities.

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