Job Opportunity: Employment Specialist & Job Coach – San Antonio

Job Finders, LLC is seeking qualified individuals for the positions of Employment Specialist and Job Coach.

Employment Specialist for Deaf (Commission based; Average Salary $41,000)

Description of Services

writing résumés and proposals to assist in placement;
contacting employers from target lists and developing consumer jobs;
performing a job analysis;
reviewing job match information;
assisting the consumer with job applications, pre-employment forms, practice interviews, and pre-employment testing or physicals;
accompanying the consumer to interviews and company visits;
assisting the employer with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit; and
training the consumer to travel to and from the job.

The Employment Specialist for the Deaf must have:

• Proficiency in American Sign Language
• Basic Understanding of Deaf Culture
• Experience working with people with hearing loss
• Business acumen to succeed in a commission-only 1099 position
• Strong business development skills for creating new employer relationships
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Crisis management skills
• Good Driving Record
• Clean Criminal Background

Job Coach for the Deaf ($15-$20 per hour)

Description of Services

• Train applicants and consumers to use public transportation services or other means of transportation to help applicants and consumers access services and employment.
• Work side-by-side with a newly placed consumer at a job site.
• Analyze the job, and break into manageable components.
• Identify and solve problems before they become crises for the consumer, employer, or co-worker.
• Teach effective job keeping skills to the consumer.
• Use the least intrusive methods possible on the job.
• Gradually reduce the time spent at the job site as the consumer becomes better adjusted and more independent.

The Job Coach Providers for the Deaf must have:

• Proficiency in American Sign Language
a high school diploma or GED;
a varied and successful work history;
considerable knowledge of employer expectations;
the ability to work successfully with a wide variety of consumers and employers;
the ability to analyze a job and reduce it to manageable components
• Clean Criminal Background

Please send resume to [email protected]

Division Manager, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
4606 Centerview, Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78228

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