Author Brandi Rarus Uses Scan Mailboxes’ Distribution Service

gI_60899_Zoe-ValentineAuthor Brandi Rarus Uses Scan Mailboxes’ Distribution Service

Brandi Rarus, author of Finding Zoe, finds it very convenient to use an exclusive distribution service provided by Scan Mailboxes, a smart postal mail scanning and forwarding service worldwide.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Brandi Rarus, author of Finding Zoe wanted to do something special for her readers for the Holiday Season by offering them autographed copies of her book with personal messages of inspiration. She was able to generate orders through her website, but when it came to mailing the books, it became a huge hassle.

“I was going to the post office three times a week standing in line for over thirty minutes at a time. One time I had a laundry basket full of books I had to push along with me. It became very time consuming and I started to really dread it. Working with Scan Mailboxes really became a lifesaver,” she said.

Through a partnership with Scan Mailboxes, Brandi was able to have her books shipped out professionally and anonymously as it no longer required her home return address on the packaging. For a small business owner like Brandi, Scan Mailboxes was the perfect solution. Her readers reviewed her books in perfect condition and she no longer had the challenges of dealing with the post office.

“I am now looking into using Scan Mailboxes to distribute large orders of Finding Zoe to Colleges and Universities that have selected it for their curriculum. It is my hope to increase my order of direct sales through this partnership.”

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Scan Mailboxes offers exclusive distribution services for customers like Brandi Rarus with up to five stock keeping units (SKUs) per business, for now. In order to get items shipped, one must sign up for a permanent mailbox service account for as low as $9.95 per month. This allows for any packages that were returned, to be notified to customers via their account They can also use the address to receive general mail such as fan mails, checks, and the likes. Scan Mailboxes offer same-day check deposit services on as needed basis as well.

The rate for distribution service is negotiable, depending on the customer’s need and demand. Scan Mailboxes is very customer-oriented service, to name few examples: Printing your company’s logo/image on the return address for added professional business image.

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