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SETAD has officially Dissolved

SETAD has officially Dissolved

May 14, 2015

This is with heartfelt regret due to the dwelling of membership and lack of participation to keep the organization running, Director Frazier has officially decided with the approval of few former members and officer that SETAD (Southeast Texas Association of the Deaf) be officially dissolved! This has been in the plans for several months, but kept putting it off and hoping more would join in and keep SETAD going.

However, there was not much participation or supports. Director Frazier with his difficult decision decided to see it be dissolved. SETAD has been in the long running organization for years. It was previously BCD (Beaumont Club of the Deaf) afterward it changed to Southeast Texas Association of the Deaf.

Secretary of Texas has already recognized SETAD dissolved! SETAD hired an attorney to make this fully legal and recognized as well. Since there was no Articles of Dissolution within their Constitution and By-Laws, with approval of several former members, it was best to donate their remaining monies to a 501c3 organization and to the Texas School for the Deaf. After their attorney declared to proceed with the donations in order to be sure all are in progress and legal, SETAD has already donated $7,500.00 to Texas School for the Deaf to help with the kids and their much needed programs. SETAD has also donated the extra $5,000.00 to the Houston Bass Club of the Deaf, Inc. (HBCD) to help with the Jr. Anglers Tournament in which they are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

SETAD has been donating annually to HBCD’s Jr. Anglers Tournament in which they have recognized HBCD has been remarkably doing an outstanding job giving back to the kids in their communities. SETAD wanted to be assured their monies goes to the proper charities.

After monies has been distributed, the remaining assets will be going for the CPA and IRS for legal paperwork. “It is painful to see it end” stated Frazier but in the long run, it was best! Frazier wanted to thank all the past members and officers for all their dedicated work throughout the years and all the memories during their time will not be forgotten! Thank you!

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