Ed and Lisa Bosson Flood Relief Fund: Need Your Support!

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Help Ed & Lisa Bosson Start Over – Need Your Support!

Link: http://www.gofundme.com/bosson

In 1995, Ed Bosson, Texas state relay service administrator, helped start videophone trials with Sprint Relay that gave birth to one of the most functional equivalent relay services for deaf and hard of hearing people in America today. Also, Ed Bosson (father of VRS and co-founder of Convo) and Lisa Gilbert Bosson lost their home due to the flash flooding in Texas during the Memorial weekend 2015.

Let’s get together and help them rebuild their home as much as we can.

Central Texas experienced many rainy days and multiple flash flood warnings in the past few weeks, but Ed and Lisa never expected to lose their home when a particularly bad storm flooded Wimberley recently on May 23rd. Ed and Lisa have lived there in their charming home for 14 years, which overlooked Blanco River from over 150 feet away. While it was pouring last Saturday night, Ed looked out the window at the lightings and was stunned when he saw the water coming near their house.

He and Lisa quickly decided that they needed to get their dogs to a safer place. Fortunately, they had the keys to their neighbor’s two-story vacation house. They brought one of their dogs next door and as soon as they returned, the water had already crept in their house and came up to their ankles. They found the other dog and went back to the neighbor’s house. Then Ed and Lisa tried to salvage what they could from their home, but the water was flooding the house at an alarming rate, so they hurried to the upstairs of their neighbor’s home and waited for help to come. A boat came by, but missed Ed and Lisa’s flashlight signals. Despaired, they agreed to take turns in sleeping and keeping watch through the night. Hours later, another boat finally approached and that time, Ed and Lisa’s flashlight signals caught the passengers’s attention. The boat finally rescued Ed, Lisa, and their dogs early Sunday morning.

When the storm had passed, Ed and Lisa returned to their home and found a devastating amount of damage. The water had gone up to the ceiling. Shelves and tables were turned over, It looked like a tornado had hit inside the home. Even their cars were damaged in the storm. From large furnitures to their clothes to their silverware— they lost it all. They turned to their insurance company in hopes of coverage, but their policy doesn’t support the specific circumstances of Ed and Lisa’s situation. Currently, Ed and Lisa are staying at a friend’s home and they have had to borrow clothes and buy basic essentials, like a toothbrush.

Ed and Lisa feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the emotional support that they have been receiving from the community and they feel blessed to still have each other and their dogs, Halo and Faith. However, their cat, Purrl, disappeared during the storm. They truly hope she is OK, wherever she is.

Your additional support in funds will go a very long way for this couple. The amount requested for this fundraiser page is just enough for them to be able to start over.

Please help Ed and Lisa rebuild their lives by donating what you can today. From the bottom of their hearts, Ed and Lisa thank you.

Link: http://www.gofundme.com/bosson

You also can learn more about it on Facebook page:


Note from Deaf Network:

In case you did not see or know what happened in Texas, Oklahoma & Arkansas – “super” storm and flash flood hit hardest during May 2015 Memorial weekend, see the links for full details.

Also, if you know any other deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing that affected by this storm and to fund my campaign, please contact me at info @ deafnetwork dot com.



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