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Deaf community blindsided by closing of SETAD

Deaf community blindsided by closing of SETAD 

Many in the southeast Texas Deaf community are shocked and upset about the dissolving of SETAD. There was not an open meeting publicized to the Deaf community about intentions to dissolve the Deaf club. In fact, this has been a contentious issue for months between a small, handful of people that want to close it and a larger group that was trying to keep it. It was discussed in January, 2015, that there would be an announced meeting to further discuss the issue.

On one side, there is a handful of people who want the club to close and they let the charter be forfeited by failing to respond to the Secretary of State with proper reports. They did not file reports with the IRS in a timely manner. They did not promote and advertise any activities to be inclusive of the Deaf community at large. There was refusal to provide any financial reports to members.

On the other side, you have a majority of the southeast Texas Deaf community that wanted to save the club. Once the truth became known about the business affairs of SETAD, there was a group coming together that wanted to take steps to see this situation rectified and the club continued.

They knew there was a large group of interested persons wanting to save the Deaf club and since we had no knowledge of anything being planned, we planned an event for May 9, 2015. They were made aware of our event. The outcome of this event was an outpouring of unanimous support to save the Deaf club. New officers stepped up and were elected by those in attendance. People donated monies to be used to affiliate with TAD. Papers were drawn up to request reinstatement of our charter with the Secretary of State. These things were in motion to save and continue the Deaf club, which is very important to our grassroots community.

Meanwhile, a small group, who were in the minority and knew there was a group wanting to save it, went ahead to dissolve the club and donate the money . They did not tell us about this action. We were surprised and shocked to learn this week, that this action actually took place on April 29. This action was taken without including a significant part of the Deaf community , which shows a total lack of respect and consideration of the majority of the Deaf community of southeast Texas. It is unconscionable that a deaf person would do this to their community.

We are not dissolving! We are reorganizing under new leadership and getting our business affairs in order! Instead of a possible resolution on issues with previous leadership, their action contributes to further chaos and dissension. I am speaking on behalf of and from the feelings that have been expressed here by our southeast Texas Deaf community.

President of Southeast Texas Deaf Club, Mikey George

Email: [email protected]

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