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DAC: Redevelopment For Martha’s Vineyard Place Begins October 2015

dac_logoRedevelopment For Martha’s Vineyard Place Begins October 2015

3115 Crestview Dr.
Dallas, Texas

WEBSITE: http://www.dactexas.org

Deaf Action Center receives $2.8 million in grants to redevelop affordable housing.

DALLAS, TX: Much like the current redevelopment boom in the City of Dallas, the Deaf Action Center is going through a renaissance of its own. The Executive Team recently announced DAC was awarded $2.8 million in grants for the reconstruction of its affordable housing and offices.

The grant represents a major win for Deaf Action Center, whose staff has worked tirelessly over the past 24 months to convince City of Dallas officials and local foundations (Hillcrest and Hoblitzelle) that, not only will the project be accessible to deaf and hard of hearing residents, but will benefit all citizens of Dallas by leading to an improvement in property values surrounding DAC’s complex. Additionally, the new construction will boost employment by creating job opportunities when the apartments are slated to reopen in October 2016.

Deaf Action Center’s current 40-unit apartment complex has long been a home to Dallas/Fort Worth’s many residents where being deaf and hard of hearing is not a handicap, but a valued way of life. Up until March 2015, the apartments had been known as the Elizabeth Criswell Apartments, but a renewed interest in deaf history signaled a name change to Martha’s Vineyard Place.

The new name honors the history of Martha’s Vineyard, an Island off Massachusetts, where, in the 19th century, most everyone had communication, both deaf and hearing. Deaf people were integral members of society, holding political offices, easily employed by, and often owning local businesses. Martha’s Vineyard serves as a past illustration of what DAC endeavors to be today – a place of equal access, where all residents can contribute to society in a positive and meaningful way. Now, with plans in place to build a beautiful 100-unit complex, providing a functional deaf and hard of hearing friendly living community, they are one step closer to reaching their goal.

For those interested in learning more about the Martha’s Vineyard Place Apartments and construction updates, you can contact Heather Hughes at heather.hughes at dactexas.org.

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
CONTACT TELEPHONE #: 214-521-0407

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