Christmas Special: Free Ebooks by Deaf Author (Pleistocene Tsunami, etc.)

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Holiday Special: Free Ebooks by Deaf Author (Pleistocene Tsunami, etc.) 

I am a self published Deaf author of several short stories ebooks. My characters aren’t Deaf, though I am working on a novel that has Deaf characters. However, I am Deaf myself and thought you might be interested in being aware of my books.

The ebooks listed below are offered free. They’re all of the science fiction genre except one. That one may be called religio-sc fi. They are all short stories that can be read in 30 minutes or less. They are in epub format only, but are available on Amazon, where unfortunately you’d be paying. My original intention is to focus on people using Android based ereaders, but I exclude nobody. I respectfully request that if you read any of these stories that you take the time to post an honest review on Smashwords. Amazon too, if so inclined.

Regarding reviews, let me clarify further, I like blatantly honest reviews. People who, if they dislike the stories for whatever reason, to say so. And folks who like them, to say so. Of course in either case explain why. To stress further what I’m looking for, here’s my author’s philosophy, one of them anyway. Any author who can’t tolerate honest views of readers has no business writing in the first place.

Below are the Smashword coupons that will allow you to access the books. Just click the “BUY” icon. You will see among options, one that says “COUPON.” Input the corresponding code and you get the book free.

They are available from now until December 25, 2015.

CG47M – Giant Dreams and Dragons

JZ47A – Ares’ Anger

DU94D – The PlanetDeath Chronicles

KU39H – The Legend of the Bogeyman

Pleistocene Tsunami – This book is already 100% FREE.



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