HomeAware: New Signaling Package from Sonic Alert

Jan2016_HomeAwareHomeAware: New Signaling Package from Sonic Alert

The HomeAware HA360 Master Signaling Package is the exciting new system from Sonic Alert—now at Harris Communications. Each time a transmitter sends a signal, text will scroll in bright letters on the display—such as “DOOR”, “PHONE”, etc. In addition, you can be alerted by 110dB alarm, powerful bed shaker and bright strobe.

With virtually unlimited range, the 1,000 foot range can be extended another 1,000 feet by using HomeAware’s Deluxe Receiver or Basic Receiver. HomeAware is also compatible with traditional Sonic Alert receivers when using the SonicBridge/Lamp Switch (SA-HA360BU)—purchased separately.

The HA360 Package will alert you to landline/videophone calls, doorbell and is a fully functional alarm clock.
Additional transmitters are also available. (The HA360 cannot be used with traditional Sonic Alert transmitters.)

Start building your new system today! Order the HA360 Package (SA-HA360MK) from Harris Communications for only $229.95. Remember, there is free ground shipping in the contiguous U.S. whenever you order from Harris Communications.

To find out more, go to http://bit.ly/HarrisComm_DN013116. Contact us at mailto:[email protected].

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