Representative for Deaf Grassroot needed – DFW

Anyone who lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (North Texas area) who is interested in taking over a position as a representative for Deaf Grassroot Movement.
The Duties are as follows:
-To bring people who live near or in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to Austin, Texas on May 4th.
-Spread the word about DGM movement.
-Make arrangements for Meetings/Parties for Dallas/Ft. Worth group.
-We need more diversity such as Native Americans, Hispanic, Indians, and African Americans to be a part of DGM.
– We need a Leader for North Texas area to attend on April 16th and May 4th in Austin, Texas.
I would love to take over the position but I am busy with my own job and can’t really drive all the way to Austin on April 16th or May 4th. I would love to be a part of the DGM movement in the  Dallas/Ft Worth area.
If you know or could reccomend someone who would be willing to take the leadership for the Dallas/Ft. Worth (North Texas area), Please let me know. I can relay that information to one of the DGM team members and they can help with the details.
I know it is kind of late notice on this but WE need someone who can do this for the North Texas area (Dallas, Ft. Worth) because I believe we need this to help improve our community. We need to show them that we are part of this movement and it is time to change things for the better for our Deaf community.
If anyone from DAD/DAC is interested in being a part of this please let me know and I can refer you to the DGM team leaders. It would be Great for our hometown of Dallas/Ft. Worth
You can contat me at:
FaceBook: Lena Peed
Email: [email protected]

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