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Dallas Regional Program for the Deaf – Job Hiring!

Dallas Regional Program for the Deaf Providing a full continuum of services

Dallas ISD is looking for more wonderful teachers to add to their classrooms! Positions are available. Program information is attached and has great information about our RDSPD! Please contact Sandy Culpepper for more information. [email protected] (972) 581-4785. (See link below) 

About students who are Deaf or hard of hearing in the Dallas Metroplex

The Dallas Regional Program for the Deaf is a program that serves students with varying degrees of educationally significant hearing loss. We serve not only Dallas ISD, but other school districts and Charter Schools throughout Texas through a Shared Service Agreement. We also offer services to students enrolled in private schools or using the option of home-schooling. We serve students with Auditory Impairment in a variety of ways.

* The largest percentage of our population is served on their local campus, in a magnet school, Charter School or private school with services from Itinerant Auditory Impairment Instruction teachers that travel throughout the area. They meet with a student, usually in an inclusion setting, and work on I.E.P. goals that have been developed for that individual student. The department can provide classroom or personal assistive listening devices to these students, if recommended by an audiologist.

* Another part of our population is served in cluster sites throughout the district. We use an inclusion model in our program where our students benefit from being in most core classes with their same age peers and following the general education curriculum with appropriate instructional accommodations and curricular modifications. We have a focused literacy program on these campuses that may be taught in a self-contained setting. Our students fully participate in their Learning Communities through extra-curricular sports, clubs and activities. We have cluster classes for Preschool, Kindergarten through 5 th grade, Middle School and High School. These cluster sites use a variety of methodologies in working with hearing impaired students. Some of these campuses use an Auditory Communication approach where students rely on their residual hearing and speech to communicate. Some campuses use a Total Communication approach where sign language supplements the communication in the classroom. Some of our campuses have both approaches in their setting. When recommended by an audiologist, our students can be provided assistive listening devices that couple with their personal hearing aids or cochlear implants to improve their auditory comprehension.

* We also serve children birth – 3 years old in the natural environment. We have Parent Advisors who travel throughout the District and work with parents to learn how to develop language and listening skills in their child.

Through all these instructional arrangements, we serve hearing-impaired students from birth through 22 years of age. Our students’ learning abilities function in a range from profoundly impaired to above grade level. All of our students show some kind of communication deficit. Many show social/emotional deficits as well. Most of our students struggle academically.


Instructional Specialists, a Campus Support Liason, an Interpreter Coordinator Liason, Itinerant Teachers, a Parent Trainer, Classroom Teachers, a Speech/Language Pathologist, Communication Specialists, Parent Education Advisors, Sign Language Interpreters, a Hearing Aid Technician, Instructional Para-educators, Licensed Professional Counselors, a Transition Teacher, and Educational Diagnosticians.

We contract with University of Texas at Dallas – Callier Center for Communication Disorders for our audiological assessment, management, and Assistive Listening equipment ordering, fitting, and maintenance.

To speak with us, you can contact Pat Washington, Administrative Assistant, at (972) 581-4128.

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