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Calling all Deaf & Signing Actors!

Hello, I have been working with Lewisville ISD to create an online course in ASL. In order to give students an adequate amount of receptive skill practice, we have created a script to professionally film an ASL Soap Opera. We are looking for Deaf Talent and Hearing/ASL Fluent talent to play Deaf and Hearing roles (both major roles and extras needed). We need Teenagers and adults. We will be filming beginning-mid June. The 2 lead roles are a Deaf boy and girl. We need teenagers/young Deaf adults, acting/theater experience preferred. Let me know if you would be interested or forward this to anyone you may know.

* Now Casting for an ASL Soap Opera *


* Zoe (main character): A deaf teenage girl. Has an all hearing family. Caucasian.
* Landon (main character): A deaf teenage boy. Comes from an all Deaf family.
* Nikki (supporting character): Deaf teenage girl. A Rebel.
* Mrs. Johansen (supporting character): The hearing teacher in the Deaf Ed class. Ages 30+
* Cheryl (supporting character): Zoe’s mom. She is hearing, but able to sign. Able to portray. Ages 40-55.
* Mike (supporting character): Zoe’s dad. He is hearing and doesn’t sign. Ages 40-55.
* Noah (supporting character): Zoe’s brother. He is hearing, but a fluent signer. Ages: 17-25.
* Macy and Nicole (supporting character): Landon’s youngest sisters. Deaf. Ages 7-15.
* Kay (supporting character): Landon’s mom Deaf. Ages 40-55.
Landon’s grandmother: one scene. Ages 60-80.
Miscellaneous deaf teenage students (2 boys, 3 girls) for a few scenes.
Miscellaneous extras for various scenes. All ages. Hearing and Deaf.

Contact: Sandra Atchley
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 918-521-5248

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