Support Skyline and W W Samuell Class Reunion T-Shirt For Sale!

Support Skyline and W W Samuell Class Reunion

Hello everyone!

You know that Laurent Clerc came to America and started ASL 200 years ago.

*Wave hands in the air*

ASL is such a rich part of Deaf Culture. It allows us to communicate, learn, teach, explore, and show the world that we are not different, just Deaf.

We are honoring our school choice to teach using ASL and showing us that Deaf people can do anything.

Our schools, Skyline, and W.W. Samuell High Schools, will have Deaf reunion this summer on June 23-24, 2017. You can check

Our reunion is a time of celebration where everyone uses ASL to remember the past, describe the present, and dream of the future.

Our reunion is happily welcoming all of you, even though if you never went to Skyline or W.W. Samuell High School. Come and join us!

We are selling two different T-shirts through T-shirt are $15 each (cost a little more for bigger sizes) plus a small fee for shipping. They have 12 different colors.

#ASL –

May ASL Be With You –

Your Support will be very appreciation!

Any questions, you can contact at [email protected]

Skyline & W. W. Samuell Deaf Reunion Committee

To learn more about our reunion on June 24, 2017 – please click here 

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