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DAC Interpreting — A-Kon 28

DAC Interpreting — A-Kon 28

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/oCE7Jkp1hAQ

We’re excited to announce a partnership with A-Kon Anime Convention for this year in making their event accessible for the #DDDBDHH community! Check out the vlog for more details.

CC and HD available. Read #DBTranscript below

[Video description: Eric, a white man wearing a black long-sleeved button shirt, signs to the camera. The background is white, with the A-Kon logo behind Eric.

“Hello, I’m Eric Patterson with Deaf Action Center Interpreting. I want to make an exciting announcement: we had recently partnered with A-Kon, an anime conference. One of the longest and biggest national conferences. The A-Kon conference will feature videos, discussion panels, authors, video games, anime cosplays, steampunk, and many more. We’re excited for this partnership because this kind of event doesn’t tend to be accessible for the DeafDisabled, DeafBlind, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing (DDDBDHH) community. We’re providing interpreting services so we can ensure that events are accessible for the community. If you’re interested in knowing more, here’s how!

The video cuts to a white background with an image and text. In the top is the A-Kon logo and then text, “A-Kon 28

June 8-11, 2017

Fort Worth Conference Center


The video cuts back to Eric as he resumes signing, “Hope to see you there!” The video fades to the DAC Interpreting logo with a blank white background.]

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