Over 1,400 Attended “Don’t Give Up!” Convention of JW presented in ASL

Over 1,400 Attended “Don’t Give Up!” Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses presented in American Sign Language

On July 14-16, over 1,400 Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deaf/Blind and hearing individuals attended the three-day “Don’t Give Up!” Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses presented in American Sign Language. Individuals from 8 states, as far away as Tennessee, traveled to the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses near Denton, Texas.

Attendees enjoyed presentations and interviews on the theme, “Don’t Give Up!” Throughout each day, various short videos depicting real-life scenarios demonstrated how the Bible helps us endure life’s challenges. Other multimedia segments used beautiful video clip examples of nature such as butterflies, camels, and the acacia tree to teach lessons about how to endure life’s hardships.

Both young and old Deaf and Hearing individuals were in attendance along with ones who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most arrived early before the sessions and stayed late after the day’s session ended to enjoy upbuilding association with others communicating in sign language.

Jeremy Murrie, a convention spokesman involved with preparations for the convention, stated, “Our annual American Sign Language convention here in Denton, is a one of a kind experience for individuals who are deaf, deaf/blind and those who communicate using sign language to see various components of the Bible’s message presented in their language. It warms our hearts to see various nationalities and races, young and old, enjoying full association with new and old friends together with family.”

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