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Federal Disability Job Opportunities in Texas – FEMA

Federal Disability Job Opportunities in Texas


FEMA’s Disability Integration section is now accepting applications for several positions in support of disaster response and recovery efforts in Texas following Hurricane Harvey. These positions are based in the Houston and Austin area.

Disability Integration leads FEMA’s commitment to achieving whole community emergency management, inclusive of individuals with disabilities and others with access and functional needs. This is achieved by providing guidance, tools, methods, and strategies to establish equal physical, program, and effective communication access. FEMA deploys Disability Integration Advisors (DIAs), sign language interpreters, captioners, and resource support specialists to disaster operations in order to support equal access in the field. Disability Integration has the following responsibilities:
Provide disability-related subject matter expertise and general guidance on disability laws, regulations, and policies;
Help identify reasonable accommodation and modification requests from people with disabilities; and
Develop ways to address (1) barriers to the accessibility of FEMA programs and (2) disability-related issues during disaster operations.

The following positions are now open to receive applications:

  1. American Sign Language Interpreter – Houston (5 positions) https://goo.gl/NmPob6 
  2. Certified Deaf Interpreter – Houston (3 positions) https://goo.gl/6UhCpC
  3. Disability Integration Advisor – Houston (5 positions) https://goo.gl/PKm7C7
  4. Disability Integration Advisor Manager – Austin (3 positions) https://goo.gl/GXwxa7
  5. Equal Rights Advisors – Austin (3 positions) https://goo.gl/mNzC9k
  6. Disability Integration Advisor Manager – Houston (3 positions) https://goo.gl/bbyqW6
  7. Disability Integration Support Specialist – Houston (4 positions) https://goo.gl/y1fEhK
  8. Disability Integration Support Specialist – Austin (4 positions) https://goo.gl/XjQVNU 
  9. Human Resources Support Specialist – Denton (1 positions) https://goo.gl/edw1Wh

NOTE: These are TEMPORARY positions and may be terminated at any time for any reason. A Local Hire appointment does not entitle you to federal civilian status.

FEMA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. FEMA has a ‘zero tolerance’ discrimination policy and is committed to nondiscrimination in hiring, assignment, management of the Joint Field Office, guidance to the State, presentations to the public, and the provision of disaster assistance. This commitment specifically includes sensitivity to providing reasonable accommodation for people with a disability and a clear statement that any appearance of sexual harassment will not be tolerated in FEMA.

Thank you to the Austin Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities (Committee) 

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