Deaf character audition opportunity: November 2017 – Austin

Deaf character audition opportunity – Austin

Production: Adeline

Director: Jason Head, Nick Carl- The University of Texas at Austin

Description: A young deaf teenager, Adeline, separated from her Mother and Father due to their lack of effort in adapting to her communication abilities, tries to make sense of her parents impending divorce. With the inability to pick up on auditory clues, she is left to piece together information that is not readily apparent to her; separated from the hearing world and isolated in her own home. As a fight between her parents builds, Adeline becomes aware that something isn’t right and is thrown into the middle of their heated argument. We follow the perspective of Adeline as she tries to decipher the events that are unfolding before her.

Shoot Dates: November 10 – 12, 2017 with a possible rehearsal date closer to production, and a possible pick up date.

Location: Austin, Texas


1. Adeline (Female, Age Range: 11-16): A young deaf teenager, a single child, that lives within the unique family dynamic of a Deaf child with hearing parents that are unwilling or able to learn ASL. Preference is given to Deaf actors, or to individuals with a connection to the Deaf community and culture. However all are welcome to submit.

2. Father (Male, Age Range: 28-40): A father who’s crumbling marriage comes to the ultimate breaking point, as he decides to leave their shared family home.

3. Mother (Female, Age Range: 28-40): A mother who is equally fed up with the disillusionment within her marriage. The breaking point is heightened emotionally for both herself and her husband due to the presence of their daughter, Adeline.

Compensation: unpaid, both credit and digital copies will be given, as well as any invitations to festivals or other screenings. Meals and craft services will be provided

Submission details: please submit the follow to [email protected]

– Head Shot
– Resume
– Demo Reel (if available, not required)
– Contact information

**A short taped audition may be required after submission

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or a direct message! We look forward to hearing from you!

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