Participants Needed for Study at UTDallas 2018

Participants Needed for Study at UTDallas

TIME: 4/1/2018- 5/30/2018

Hello! We are in search of infants and toddlers with hearing loss to participate in a research study held at UTDallas. Help us find out where your child looks on your face when you speak to them! Infants and toddlers of all degrees and configurations are invited to participate in a quick and easy (and SUPER fun) research study to help determine facial scanning patterns of individuals with hearing loss. Families will receive a visa gift card and an infant toy for their participation! Please contact Hannah Pourchot Neale for more information. We look forward to hearing form you!!

CONTACT PERSON NAME: Hannah Pourchot Neale
CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
CONTACT TELEPHONE #: 214-905-3110

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