STEM Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students – Fort Worth

The Trinity River campus will be offering their STEM camp for students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. The camp is July 9-12, and an award ceremony the evening of July 16 for the students and their families. The TR camp will consist of two days of Creative Computing taught by Dr. Tyson McMillian and two days of Anatomy taught by Dr. Sofia Garcia. These instructors are outstanding. Peggy Cobb and myself will be heading up the interpreting team with some of our alumni. This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in these fields or even curious about them. And there is no worry about failing – it is a camp to enhance learning. The perfect environment for those who want to explore these areas without fear of academic penalty.

If interested, you may contact Bobby Benefield, VR Manager at 817/759-3751 or [email protected]

Have a great day!


Sammie Sheppard
Sign Language Interpreting Program Coordinator
Tarrant County College, Trinity River Campus
300 Trinity Campus Circle
Fort Worth, Tx. 76102

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