Governor Abbott proclaims Deaf Awareness Week in Texas (September 23-29, 2018)

Governor Abbott proclaims Deaf Awareness Week in Texas (September 23-29, 2018)

Organizations worldwide celebrate Deaf Awareness Week in September, a celebration of the achievements of the Deaf community and the rich world of Deaf culture. As communities across Texas host Deaf Awareness Week celebrations, Governor Greg Abbott issues a proclamation encouraging all Texans to support and celebrate the many unique achievements of Texans who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Deaf Awareness Week full proclamation. (PDF format)

“Among those with disabilities, Texans who are deaf and hard of hearing have long been recognized for their contributions to our state. In fact, the 6th Texas Legislature helped to ensure the support of this community with the establishment of the Texas School for the Deaf in 1856.

Each September, organizations across Texas set out to raise awareness of this population of citizens and promote available resources for the educational and effective communication needs of Texans who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

Texas School for the Deaf Superintendent Claire Bugen shares her enthusiasm. “The staff and students at Texas School for the Deaf are delighted to join Governor Abbott in celebrating the achievements and vibrancy of our Deaf community. Every year at this time we enjoy celebrating the culture, language and heritage that is unique to Deaf individuals in our great State of Texas.”

Several Deaf Awareness Month events across Texas include:

September 22, Houston – Houston’s Deaf Got Talent

September 27, Corpus Christi – Deaf Awareness Day at the Texas State Aquarium

September 29, Richardson – Deaf Celebration in Richardson

September 29, San Antonio – Good Vibrations Music Fest

September 29 – Houston Association of the Deaf celebrates 75 years

September 30 – Tyler Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center celebrate Deaf Awareness Week

Source by Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities (Committee)

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